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Adorned with Gold Medals the Amazing Dueling Dragons Return from International Festival in Toronto with Heads Held High.

Orlando, FL – Just recently the Dueling Dragons affectionately known as the “Cops and Kids” raced an exciting personal best and earned a gold medal in the Premier mixed round one of the Great White North (GWN) Dragon Boat Challenge Festival in Toronto Canada on a wet and chilly first day of racing. The uniquely paired team between at-risk teens and Orlando Police Department officers make up a one-of-a-kind, competitive racing team. The team has attracted international attention in three short years which sparked the invitation to participate at the festival alongside 200 teams from around the world.   read more...


Pictorial Exhibit info:
Partnership For American African Development, Inc. (PAAD) historical pictorial of the hundreds of thousands who attended the Million Women’s March held in Philadelphia, PA in 1997. A sea of women, children and men filled an entire mile-long boulevard from City Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to witness the day's keynote speaker, Winnie Mandela, former wife of South African President Nelson Mandela and a host of other celebrities. The purpose of the exhibit is to remind people of the significant leadership and strength in women of color throughout history in a creative and artistic way. Also its an effort to generate positive dialogue and stimulate ideas and initiatives in our communities to prevent the repeating of racial and discriminatory injustices. This is a wonderful display adding to the ambiance of any black history event and represents the power and unity of women.

*** The shakarees, pronounced (Shake-Ah-Rays) were harvested and hand made into the instruments used in ceremonies, musical works, art exhibits and interior art design.

OUR MISSION: To Plan and take Action to Aide and Duplicate projects and programs that support our At-Risk Youth, Celebrate Cultural Diversity and Maximize the Wisdom of our Seniors through Human and Economic resources.